How to Download windows 11 ARM64 ISO

How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO. In this post I am going to show you the best way of downloading windows 11 ARM64 ISO using UUP DUMP.

UUP Dump is tool, that helps in creating a custom Windows 11 ISO. UUP Dump downloads directly from Microsoft servers and turns them into an ISO file. Its an open source project that you can find on GitHub.


  • A computer running Windows, macOS or Linux
  • MacOS need Home brew to be installed. Follow this Link

Create Windows 11 ISO

Head over to this Link, and click on new build from the top. Then configure the options, choose architecture as ARM64, Channel – Retail , Edition – Pro / Home. Once its done, click on next.

How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO

Select the windows 11, from the list. Then Choose Language and click On Next.

How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO

Now Choose Edition, Better to use tick both Home & Pro and Click On Next.

How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO

Under the download options, use Download and Convert to ISO and leave rest of the options as default. Then click on Create download package.

How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO

You may end up downloading the ZIP file. Go a head and extract it.

How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO
How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO

Download Windows 11 ISO

Inside the extracted folder, you will see three main files.


Depending on which operating system your computer runs, you need to execute the script. Windows users, right click on the .CMD file and run it as administrator. It will download bunch of files from Microsoft servers and automatically makes an ISO file.


If you use Debian or Ubuntu based distribution you can install the dependencies using the following command:


sudo apt-get install cabextract wimtools chntpw genisoimage

Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S cabextract wimlib chntpw cdrtools

macOS users, open terminal and run the below commands:

brew tap sidneys/homebrew
brew install cabextract wimlib cdrtools sidneys/homebrew/chntpw

Note: You must have installed HomeBrew on your Mac. Follow this link to install it.

Once you have setup dependency’s on your computer. Both Linux & macOS users open terminal , and execute the below commands:


chmod +x


chmod +x

It will start downloading Windows 11 ISO and wait for sometime. Make sure you have the faster internet connection.. Once its done downloading the ISO file, it will be located inside the extracted folder.

How To Download Windows 11 ARM64 ISO

Congratulations, you have successfully downloaded Windows 11 ARM64 ISO. You can install windows 11 ARM64 On Apple Silicon Mac Using UTM or VMWare Fusion For Free.

Keep in mind, the ISO that you have download is an evaluation copy you need an license key to activate the windows 11.

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