How To Install Nvidia Drivers On Ubuntu

How To Install NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu

Install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu with One Single Command. This will work on any ubuntu based linux Distros 

Open terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) then update the system by running the below commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Once its done, type the below command

sudo ubuntu-drivers devices

It detects the Nvidia Graphic Card and list out supported drivers.

How To Install Nvidia Drivers On Ubuntu

If you notice the above screen shot, it shows my Graphic Card (Nvidia GE-FORCE GT 730) and the list of all drivers. Choose the driver you want to install. For example lets say, I want to install Nvidia-driver-460, then I need to run the below command to install the non-free recommended driver.

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-460 -y

If you don’t know which driver is the best for your computer, then run the below to autoinstall the recommended Nvidia drivers.

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall 
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